Fire Extinguishers & Accessories

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Fire Extinguisher 1Kg Powder 8A 34B Rated
£ 27.85 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM6-99051)
Automatic fire extinguishers ABC powder 1 Kg
£ 30.79 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3151501)
Fireblitz 2kg Powder Auto Fire Extinguisher
£ 39.92 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3151522)
Remote Flexible Control Cable 6 Meter
£ 33.25 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM1745090)
Remote Flexible Control Cable 10 Meter
£ 45.82 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM1745091)
Extinguisher Recessed Compartment with Bungee Straps
£ 12.14 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3142800)
Extinguisher Recessed Compartment with Snap In Lugs
£ 16.03 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3142801)
Boat Engine Fire Port White Plastic
£ 4.51 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM1768000)
Boat Engine Fire Port Stainless
£ 8.09 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM1768001)
Quick Release Fire Safety Blanket
£ 28.06 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3142600)