Cupboard Knobs & Catches

Push to Open Latch, Stainless Cylinder Locks with Tongue, Stainless Steel Thumb Turn Catch and Push Button Cabinet Door Catch
Cabinet Door Catch Push Button Chromed Zinc Alloy
£ 12.05 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3817900)
Cupboard Door Latch Push to Open / Push to Close
£ 3.56 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3810742)
Cupboard Latch / Catch Chromed Brass with Teak Ring
£ 5.57 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3864100)
Boat Locker Catch, Brown Nylon Ring
£ 2.66 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM3864200)
Hi Security Barrel Cam Lock Chrome on Brass
£ 13.28 Inc. VAT
(Code: SMQ004145)