Welcome to Beachy Head Marine (Help Browsing)

Just a few notes that may save you time in navigating and locating the product you require, or just to browse the website.


To browse the site, Click the “ONLINE SHOP” Button, the Main categories will appear. Click the Category you require, this will take you to a Products Page or a Subcategories Page, again click the category you require until you open a page showing all products in that category, this page displays the product images, short description and Prices. Clicking any of the items will open the full description.


     Stock Quantity


     Full Description

     Image/s (clicking the image often gives additional information)

     Category Links (in orange text)  

When viewing a product page, you will see a link/s at the bottom of the product details. Just click the orange text to list all items in that Category. (Some products are listed in more than one category). 


When using the Search box, products are listed as soon as you type. 

When the required product comes up, click on the box to view. 

When searching for a product which has several results, example: Clamp, drop nose pin or Shackle. 

Just click on the one which is most relevant to the product you are looking for, once that product page is open you be able to click the Category link at the bottom of the product details (in orange) this will list all product in that Category. 

Please Note:

There may be other Categories that the product type is in. Use the Breadcrumb Navigation Bar to navigate to the Parent Category, then you will be able to view the other Sub-Categories. (Notes on Breadcrumb Navigation Bar)

For instance, you are in the “Clevis Pins (Metric Sizes)” Category, but you a looking for an Imperial Size Clevis Pin. 

Using the breadcrumb navigation to step back to the parent Category, by clicking Drop Nose & Clevis Pins you will be able to select “Clevis Pins (Imperial Sizes)”. 

From: All Products>Hardware (Ironmongery)>Drop Nose & Clevis Pins>Clevis Pins (Metric Sizes).

To: All Products>Hardware (Ironmongery)>Drop Nose & Clevis Pins>Clevis Pins (Imperial Sizes).

Sorry to go on, but with this site having so many Products, Categories and Sub-Categories it is important that  visitors do not miss any of the products available.

And Thank You for Visiting Our Website.