Renamed Website

We have renamed this website from to

The website is the same for whichever Domain is used.

For previous customers that used the, your username, password & your order history is unaffected.

The Domain Name will be active until the 26 January 2021.

I recommend that customers using the domain, change it to before 26 January 2021.

The simplest way to change it, is to click the Beachy Head Marine logo (top left) you will see that the address bar will change to, then please bookmark this page or set it as a favourite.

Google and Bing and other searches engines may still list some of our product with the as the domain. This can be disconcerting when clicking the link and you expect a website to be named as Seascrew Marine. No need to be concerned, just continue shopping in the Beachy Head Marine website if you require.

I recommend that click the Beachy a Marine logo (top left) before bookmarking this page or setting it as a favourite.

Philip P Tate



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