A to Z of Marine Hardware

AFloating Rope Rope, Mooring Line
Access HatchesFlood LightsRope, Mooring Rope
Accumulators,  PlumbingFoghorns & HornsRound Rings Stainless Steel 
AdhesivesFoghorns, Warning Siren & PA SystemsRowlocks & Oar Collars
Admiralty AnchorsFolding Pad EyesRub Rail
Air DuctingFolding Shelf BracketsRubbing Strake
Air Pump & Valves, InflatablesFoot Switch, WindlassRubbing Strips
Air Pump for InflatablesForestay StayS
Air Pump, Adaptors & ValveFresh Water Plumbing SystemSafety Equipment
Air Vents, Engine CompartmentFresh Water Pumps & AccumulatorSafety Harnesses & Harness Lines 
Air Vents, PlasticFresh Water TanksSail Batten End Caps
Air Vents, Stanless SteelFuel Breather HosesSail Repair Tape
Alarm, Bilge Fuel Breather VentsSail Slides
Amalgamating TapsFuel ConnectorsSailguard Wheels
Anchor ChainFuel FillersSailing Harnesses
Anchor Chain - AdaptersFuel GaugesSailing Marker Buoys
Anchor Chain LinksFuel HoseSailing Regatta Markers
Anchor Chain LocksFuel Pipe, Compression JointsSailing Safety Line
Anchor Chain StopsFuel Primers BulbsSanitation Hose 
Anchor Chain MarkersFuel Tank SendersScrew Eyes
Anchor ConnectorsFuel Tanks, Eltex Screw Hooks
Anchor Dee ShackleFuel Tanks, IntegratedSea Anchors
Anchoring Equipment (All)Fuel ValvesSea Anchors
Angle Brackets Fuel, Stop HousingSealants
ANL Fuses & Fuse HoldersFuel, Remote CablesSeat Chest
Antenna Cables & ConnectorsFule Tank CoversSeat Pedestals
Antenna MountsFurnisherSeats
AntennasFuses, ANL Fuses & Fuse HoldersSecurity Equipment
Anti Oxidization CompoundFuses, Blade Fuses & Fuse HoldersSender
Anti-siphon Loops, Plumbing Fuses, Ceramic Continental Type & HolderSewage Tanks
Anti-Slip Tapes & StripsFuses, Glass Fuses & Fuse HoldersShackle, Galvanised
BFuses, Midi Fuses & HoldersShackles, Delta Link
Bailer, Hand GShackles, Rapid Link
Bails, Boom BailsGalvanised ChainShackles Bow
Ball Valves, PlumbingGalvanised ShackleShackles Twisted
Bar Pad EyesGas StrutsShackles, Bow Shackles
Barrel BoltsGaugesShackles, Dee Shackle
Barrier GreasesGauges, Fuel Shackles, Halyard Shackles
BasinsGelcoat FillersShackles, Quick Release
Batten, Sail Batten End CapsGlass Fuses & Fuse HoldersShackles, Snap Shackles
Battery CableGlue on Bimini FittingsShackles, Swivel 
Battery ChargersGrab HandlesShackles, Twisted Shackle
Battery ClampsGrab Rail FittingsSheets Hooks
Battery EquipmentGrapnel AnchorsShelf Brackets, Folding 
Battery Terminals ClampsGreasesShip's Bells
Bellows, Cable BellowsGreases, Barrier GreasesShock Cord
Bells, Ship's BellsGrey Water Collecting WellsShock Cord
Belt Snap HookGrille Vents (Plastic)Shock Cord Hooks
Berthing, Mooring Equipment (All)Grille Vents (Stanless Steel)Shoot Bolt, Ironmongery
Bilge HoseGrommetsShort Link Chain
Bilge Pump SwitchesGuard Rails, HandrailsShower Taps
Bilge Pumps, ManualGuardrail Wire & FittingsShroud Fittings
Bilge StrainersHShroud Stay
Bilge, AlarmsHalyard ShacklesShroud Stay
Bilge, SwitchesHand Air PumpShut-Off Valves, Fuel
Bimini Fittings, Aluminium Hand PumpSki Poles
Bimini Fittings, Nylon Handles & Door Locks, IronmongerySki Poles & Tow Hooks
Bimini Fittings, Stainless Handles, Grab HandlesSki Tow Hooks
Biminis TopsHandrail System Fittings Snap Fasteners, Canvas  Fasteners
BinocularsHardware (Ironmongery)Snap Hook, Skiing Snap Hook
Black Water TanksHarness Point, Folding Pad EyesSnap Shackles
Blade Fuses & Fuse HoldersHarnesses & Harness LinesSpeakers  & Loud Hailers
Blade Fuses Circuit Breaker TypeHasp & StaplesSplicing Clamp
Blowers, Fans & Air DuctingHatchesSplicing Fid
Blue Wave Rigging ScrewsHawsepipeSplit Pins
Boarding LaddersHeat Shrink Wrap, ElectricSplit Rings
Boarding StepsHinges (All)Spots Lights
Boat Care ProductsHinges, Butt HingesSpreader Boots
Boat HooksHinges, Lift-Off & Removablespring lines, Mooring Rope 
Boom BailsHinges, Stepped Hingesspring lines, Mooring Rope 
Bosun's ChairsHinges, Surface Hinges Hideden FixingStanchion Base, Toe Rail
Bottle ScrewsHinges, Surface Mounted HingesStanchion Gates
Bow Chock, FairleadsHinges, Table HingesStanchion Sockets and Bases
Bow RollersHitch PinsStanchions
Bow Shackles StainlessHook, Lacing HooksStanless SteeI Ironmongery
Brackets, Angle BracketsHook, Snap ShacklesStaples, Stainless Steel 
Breather VentsHooks, Clothes Hooks, IronmongeryStays
Bruce Style AnchorsHooks, Shock Cord / BungeeSteering Cables
Bulbs, Electrical  Hooks, Ski Tow HooksSteering Equipment - Cable
Bumper, Fender ProfileHorns & FoghornsSteering Shift Cable Bellows
Bungee Cord & HooksHose Clamps StainlessSteering Wheels
Buoys Diving BuoysHose Connectors, Waste HoseStemhead Rollers
Buoys, Diving BuoysHose TalesStep pad
Burgee Flag, Wind IndicatorHose, BilgeStepped Hinges
Bus-Bars, Electrical Hose, Fuel Steps, Boarding 
Butt HingesHosesSteps, Mast Steps
CHot KnivesStern Drive Bellows
Cabin HooksIStern Drive Hoses
Cabin LightingIgnition Kill SwitchesStern Drive Leg Bellows & Hoses
Cable BellowsInclinometers, YachtsStorage with Seating
Cable Terminals, ElectricalInflatable AccessoriesStrainer, Bilge 
Cable, Battery CableInflatable Boat RepairStrainers & Filters Plumbing 
Cable, Tinned Electric CableInflatable Boat Repair KitStrap, Chainplate Stainless Steel
Calorifiers (Water Heaters) Inflatable Dinghy SeatStrap. Tie Down
Cannopys SupportsInflatables Dinghie AccessoriesStraps, Ratchet
Cans, FuelInflatables Dinghies Accessories Strip Hinges
Canvas FastenersInflaters for InflatablesStrip Stainless Steel
Canvas Fixings, EyeletsInspection HatchesStruts, Gas Struts
Carabiner HooksInstrumentationStuds & Nuts Sets
Cat Hole, HawsepipeInsulating Tape, ElectricalSure Power Cables
Catches & Knobs, CupboardsIntegrated Fuel TanksSure Power Plugs
Catches, IronmongeryIronmongery (All)Sure Power Sockets
Caulking, Deck CaulkingIronmongeryCupboardsSurface Mounted Hinges
Ceramic Fuses & HoldersIronmongery, Clothes HooksSurface Hinges, Hidden Fixing
Chafing Guards, Rope ProtectionIronmongery, Door Locks & HandlesSwitch Panels Switches
Chain MarkersIronmongery, Latches & CatchesSwitches, Bilge
Chain, Galvanised ChainJSwitches, Windlass Foot Switches
Chainplate Stainless SteelJam CleatsSwitches
Chargers, Battery ChargersJerry CanSwivel Shackle
Chest SeatJib Hanks
Chocking Kits, Tanks ectJubilee Type Hose Clips
Circuit BreakersJunction Studs, ElectricalT
Clamps, Battery KTable Hinges
Cleaning EquipmentKarabinerTable Pedestals
Cleaning ProductsKarabiner HookTable Tops
Cleatskey RingsTank Breather Hoses 
Cleats, Fender CleatsKill SwitchesTank Breather Vents
Cleats, Jam CleatsKorapur SealersTank Chocking Kit
Clevis PinsLTank Covers
Clinometer, YachtsLacing HooksTank Senders
Clips - Holding ClipLacing Pad EyesTanks, Black Water Tanks
Clips - P ClipsLadder, Boarding Tanks, Eltex Fuel 
Clothes HooksLashing Tie, Pad EyesTanks, Grey Water Collecting Wells
Collecting Tank, Grey Wate WellsLatches, IronmongeryTanks, Portable
Compression Joints, Fuel LineLifebuoysTanks, Portable
Connectors, Fuel TankLIFT the DOT, Canvas  FastenersTape, Sail Repair
Console ElectricalLighting, CabinTaps, Amalgamating
Console Panel LightsLighting, Cockpit & CourtesyTaps, Plumbing
Console Power Outlet SocketLights, Flood LightsTarpaulin Supports
Continuous HingesLights, NavigationTeak Plugs
Courtesy LightsLights, Spots LightsTenders, Dinghies & Inflatables
Cupboard Knobs & CatchesLocking CylindersTerminal Strip, Electrical 
Cylinder LocksLong Dee ShacklesTerminal Strip, Electrical 
DLoud Hailers & SpeakersTerminals Clamps, Battery 
Dan BuoysLoud-Hailers & LoudspeakersThimbles, Galvanised Steel
Danforth AnchorsLoudspeakers & Loud-HailersThimbles, Nylon
Deck CaulkingLouvered & Grille Vents, Stanless Thimbles, Stainless Steel 
Deck Chock, FairleadsLouvre Air Vents, PlasticTie Down Strap
Deck CleatsLouvre Air Vents, Stanless SteelToe Rails & Fittings
Deck DrainsLOXX Lift Button, Canvas  FastenersToilet conversion kits
Deck Eye Plate, Pad EyesLubricantsToilet Equipment
Deck Hatch CatchesCMTOMAX, Canvas  Fasteners
Dee Ring Pad EyesManual Bilge PumpTools, Rigging
Dee Rings Stainless Steel Markers, Regatta MarkersTow Hooks, Water Sport
Delta Link ShacklesMast StepsTreed Plate
Dials, InstrumentationMidi Fuses & HoldersTriangular Ring Stainless Steel 
Dinghie AccessoriesMooring CleatsTube Fittings, Handrails
Dinghies Tenders & InflatablesMooring Equipment (All)Tubes, Handrail Tubes
Docking LineMooring FendersTurn Button, Canvas  Fasteners
Docking Line Chafing GuardsMooring LineTurnbuckle Rigging Screws
Dolphin StrikerMooring RopeTwine, Whipping 
Door Bolts, Barrel BoltsMooring Shock AbsorbersTwisted Shackles
Door HolderMooring SpringsU
Door Locks & Handles, IronmongeryNUSB Power Outlet
Door StaysNavigation LightsV
Door Stops, IronmongeryNon-skid Tapes & StripsVented Loop Anti-siphon 
Drains, DeckNuts & Studs SetsVentilation, Boat Ventilation
Drift AnchorOVentilation, Engine Bay Vents
Drift SockOar Collars & RowlocksVentilation, Roof and Deck Vents
Drinking Water TankOarsVents & Grilles Plastic
Drogue O-Rings Stainless Steel Vents & Grilles Stainless
Drop Nose PinsOutboard Motor LocksVents, Fuel 
Ducting, Air Ducting Outboards -  AccessoriesVents, Roof and Deck, Ventilation
EOutboards - MountsVHF Cable & Connectors
Electrical (All)PW
Electrical CablePA SystemsWarning Sirens
Electrical Insulation Heat ShrinkPad EyesWash Basins
Electrical, BulbsPaddlesWaste Control
Electrical, Bus-BarsPadlocksWaste Hose Connectors
Electrical, Cable TerminalsPanel LightsWaste Outlets
Electrical, Junction StudsPara-AnchorWaste Tanks

Pedestals, SeatsWater Fillers
Electrical, Terminal StripsPedestals, TableWater Filters & Strainers
Eltex Fuel TanksPelican Hooks, Guardrail FittingsWater Heaters (Calorifiers)
Emergency Engine Shut OffPersonal ItemsWater Pumps, Fresh Water
Emergency Wooden PlugsPiano HingesWater Ski Poles & Tow Hooks
Engine Compartment VentsPipe FittingsWater Tanks, Fresh Water
Engine CoverPlumbing (All)Water, Fresh Water Plumbing
Epoxy FillersPlumbing, Fresh Water Plumbing SystemWC Equipment
Extension Cables, Electrical Portable Fuel Tanks & CansWebbing
Extinguishers, FirePortable Fuel Tanks & CansWebbing & Webbing Accessories
Extractor FansPower Outlet SocketWells, Grey Water Collection
Eyelets, Canvas FixingsPrimers BulbsWhipping Twine
FPump, BailersWide Dee Shackles
Fairlead bellowsPumps, Hand Air PumpsWinch Handle Holders
Fairlead, Toe RailQWinch Handle Pocket
FairleadsQuay FendersWinch Handles
Fans & BlowersQuick Link, ShacklesWind Indicator
Faucet & Shower TapsQuick Release, ShacklesWind Indicators
Fender CleatsQuick Release, Skiing Snap HookWind Vane
Fender HoldersRWindlass - Controls
Fender LinesR ClipsWindlass Foot Switch
Fender LocksRadar ArchesWindscreen Wipers
Fender ProfilesRadar ReflectorsWiper Blade, Arms & Motors
Fendering, Fender ProfilesRadio Aerial Cable & ConnectorsWire Guardrail & Fittings
FendersRadio Aerial MountsWire Rope Grips Duplex Type
Fenders, Quay FendersRailings, Guard RailsWire Rope Grips U-Bolt Type
FerrulesRapid Link, ShackleWire Rope Stops
Ferrules, Wire Rope Ratchet StrapsWire Rope, Ferrules 
Fillers - FuelRegatta MarkersWire Terminals, Electric 
Fillers, Epoxy Fillers & Gelcoat FillersRemote Control CablesWire, Electric 
Filters & Strainers, Plumbing Repair kit for inflatablesWooden Plugs
Finger PullsReplacement Bow Rollers.X
Fire ExtinguishersRescue LinesY
Fixing, Box SetsRigging ScrewsYacht Stanchion Gates
FlagpoleRigging ToolsYacht Stanchion Sockets and Bases
Flagpole HoldersRings Stainless Steel Yacht Stanchions
FlagsRope End StopsYachts Spreader Bar Boots
FlagstaffRope Splicing ClampZ
Float SwitchRope Thimbles, Nylon
Rope Thimbles, Stainless Steel