A to Z of Marine Hardware


Access Hatches

Accumulators,  Plumbing


Admiralty Anchors

Air Ducting

Air Pump & Valves, Inflatables

Air Pump for Inflatables

Air Pump, Adaptors & Valve

Air Vents, Engine Compartment

Air Vents, Plastic

Air Vents, Stanless Steel

Alarm, Bilge 

Amalgamating Taps

Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain - Adapters

Anchor Chain Links

Anchor Chain Locks

Anchor Chain Stops

Anchor Chain Markers

Anchor Connectors

Anchor Dee Shackle

Anchoring Equipment (All)

Angle Brackets 

ANL Fuses & Fuse Holders

Antenna Cables & Connectors

Antenna Mounts


Anti Oxidization Compound

Anti-siphon Loops, Plumbing 

Anti-Slip Tapes & Strips


Bailer, Hand 

Bails, Boom Bails

Ball Valves, Plumbing

Bar Pad Eyes

Barrel Bolts

Barrier Greases


Battery Terminals

Battery Chargers

Battery Clamps

Battery Equipment

Battery Terminals Clamps

Bellows, Cable Bellows

Bells, Ship's Bells

Belt Hung - Snap Hook

Berthing, Mooring Equipment (All)

Bilge Hose

Bilge Pump Switches

Bilge Pumps, Manual

Bilge Strainers

Bilge, Alarms

Bilge, Switches

Bimini Fittings, Aluminium 

Bimini Fittings, Nylon 

Bimini Fittings, Stainless 


Black Water Tanks

Blade Fuses & Fuse Holders

Blade Fuses Circuit Breaker Type

Blowers, Fans & Air Ducting

Blue Wave Rigging Screws

Boarding Ladders

Boarding Steps

Boat Care Products

Boat Hooks

Boom Bails

Bosun's Chairs

Bottle Screws

Bow Chock, Fairleads

Bow Rollers

Bow Shackles Stainless

Brackets, Angle Brackets

Breather Vents

Bulbs, Electrical  

Bumper, Fender Profile

Bungee Cord & Hooks

Buoys Diving Buoys

Buoys, Diving Buoys

Burgee Flag, Wind Indicator

Bus-Bars, Electrical 

Butt Hinges


Cabin Hooks

Cabin Lighting

Cable Bellows

Cable Terminals, Electrical

Cable, Battery Cable

Cable, Tinned Electric Cable

Calorifiers (Water Heaters) 

Cannopys Supports

Cans, Fuel

Canvas Fasteners

Canvas Fixings, Eyelets

Carabiner Hooks

Cat Hole, Hawsepipe

Catches & Knobs, Cupboards

Catches, Ironmongery

Caulking, Deck Caulking

Chafing Guards, Rope Protection

Chain Markers

Chain, Galvanised Chain

Chainplate Stainless Steel

Chargers, Battery Chargers

Chest Seat

Chocking Kits, Tanks ect

Circuit Breakers

Clamps, Battery 

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Products


Cleats, Fender Cleats

Cleats, Jam Cleats

Clevis Pins

Clinometer, Yachts

Clips - Holding Clip

Clips - P Clips

Clothes Hooks

Collecting Tank, Grey Wate Wells

Compression Joints, Fuel Line

Connectors, Fuel Tank

Console Electrical

Console Panel Lights

Console Power Outlet Socket

Continuous Hinges

Courtesy Lights

Cupboard Knobs & Catches

Cylinder Locks


Dan Buoys

Danforth Anchors


Deck Caulking

Deck Chock, Fairleads

Deck Cleats

Deck Drains

Deck Eye Plate, Pad Eyes

Deck Hatch CatchesC

Dee Ring Pad Eyes

Dee Rings Stainless Steel 

Delta Link Shackles

Dials, Instrumentation

Dinghie Accessories

Dinghies Tenders & Inflatables

Docking Line

Docking Line Chafing Guards

Dolphin Striker

Door Bolts, Barrel Bolts

Door Holder

Door Locks & Handles, Ironmongery

Door Stays

Door Stops, Ironmongery

Drains, Deck

Drift Anchor

Drift Sock

Drinking Water Tank


Drop Nose Pins

Ducting, Air Ducting 


Electrical (All)

Electrical Cable

Electrical Insulation Heat Shrink

Electrical, Bulbs

Electrical, Bus-Bars

Electrical, Cable Terminals

Electrical, Junction Studs

Electrical, Terminal Strips

Eltex Fuel Tanks

Emergency Engine Shut Off

Emergency Wooden Plugs

Engine Compartment Vents

Engine Cover

Epoxy Fillers

Extension Cables, Electrical 

Extinguishers, Fire

Extractor Fans

Eyelets, Canvas Fixings


Fairlead bellows

Fairlead, Toe Rail


Fans & Blowers

Faucet & Shower Taps

Fender Cleats

Fender Accessories

Fender Holders

Fender Lines

Fender Locks

Fender Profiles

Fendering, Fender Profiles


Fenders, Quay Fenders


Ferrules, Wire Rope 

Fillers - Fuel

Fillers, Epoxy Fillers & Gelcoat Fillers

Filters & Strainers, Plumbing 

Finger Pulls

Fire Extinguishers

Fixing, Box Sets



Flagpole Holders



Float Switch

Floating Rope 

Flood Lights

Foghorns & Horns

Foghorns, Warning Siren & PA Systems

Folding Pad Eyes

Folding Shelf Brackets

Foot Switch, Windlass

Forestay Stay

Fresh Water Plumbing System

Fresh Water Pumps & Accumulator

Fresh Water Tanks

Fuel Breather Hoses

Fuel Breather Vents

Fuel Connectors

Fuel Fillers

Fuel Hose

Fuel Pipe, Compression Joints

Fuel Primers Bulbs

Fuel Tank Senders

Fuel Tanks, Eltex 

Fuel Tanks, Integrated

Fuel Valves

Fuel, Stop Housing

Fuel, Remote Cables

Fule Tank Covers


Fuses, ANL Fuses & Fuse Holders

Fuses, Blade Fuses & Fuse Holders

Fuses, Glass Fuses & Fuse Holders

Fuses, Midi Fuses & Holders


Galvanised Chain

Galvanised Shackl


Gelcoat Fillers

Glass Fuses & Fuse Holders

Glue on Bimini Fittings

Grab Handles

Grab Rail Fittings

Grapnel Anchors


Greases, Barrier Greases

Grey Water Collecting Wells

Grille Vents (Plastic)

Grille Vents (Stanless Steel)


Guard Rails, Handrails

Guardrail Wire & Fittings


Halyard Shackles

Hand Air Pump

Hand Pump

Handles & Door Locks, Ironmongery

Handles, Grab Handles

Handrail System Fittings 

Hardware (Ironmongery)

Harness Point, Folding Pad Eyes

Harnesses & Harness Lines

Hasp & Staples


Hatch Latches


Heat Shrink Wrap, Electric

Hinges (All)

Hinges, Butt Hinges

Hinges, Lift-Off & Removable

Hinges, Stepped Hinges

Hinges, Surface Hinges Hideden Fixings

Hinges, Surface Mounted Hinges

Hinges, Table Hinges

Hitch Pins

Hook, Lacing Hooks

Hook, Snap Shackles

Hooks, Clothes Hooks, Ironmongery

Hooks, Shock Cord / Bungee

Hooks, Ski Tow Hooks

Horns & Foghorns

Hose Clamps Stainless

Hose Connectors, Waste Hose

Hose Tales

Hose, Bilge

Hose, Fuel 


Hot Knives


Ignition Kill Switches

Inclinometers, Yachts

Inflatable Accessories

Inflatable Boat Repair

Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Inflatable Dinghy Seat

Inflatables Dinghie Accessories

Inflatables Dinghies Accessories 

Inflaters for Inflatables

Inspection Hatches

Insulating Tape, Electrical

Integrated Fuel Tanks

Ironmongery (All)

Ironmongery, Cupboards

Ironmongery, Clothes Hooks

Ironmongery, Door Locks & Handles

Ironmongery, Latches & Catches


Jam Cleats

Jerry Can

Jib Hanks

Jubilee Type Hose Clips

Junction Studs, Electrical



Karabiner Hook

key Rings

Kill Switches


Lacing Hooks

Lacing Pad Eyes

Ladder, Boarding 

Lashing Tie, Pad Eyes

Latches, Ironmongery


LIFT the DOT, Canvas  Fasteners

Lighting, Cabin

Lighting, Cockpit & Courtesy

Lights, Flood Lights

Lights, Navigation

Lights, Spots Lights

Locking Cylinders

Long Dee Shackles

Loud Hailers & Speakers

Loud-Hailers & Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers & Loud-Hailers

Louvered & Grille Vents, Stanless 

Louvre Air Vents, Plastic

Louvre Air Vents, Stanless Steel

LOXX Lift Button, Canvas  Fasteners



Manual Bilge Pump

Markers, Regatta Markers

Mast Steps

Midi Fuses & Holders

Mooring Cleats

Mooring Equipment (All)

Mooring Fenders

Mooring Line

Mooring Rope

Mooring Shock Absorbers

Mooring Springs


Navigation Lights

Non-skid Tapes & Strips

Nuts & Studs Sets


Oar Collars & Rowlocks


O-Rings Stainless Steel 

Outboard Motor Locks

Outboards -  Accessories

Outboards - Mounts


PA Systems

Pad Eyes



Panel Lights


Pedestals, Seats

Pedestals, Table

Pelican Hooks, Guardrail Fittings

Personal Items

Piano Hinges

Pipe Fittings

Plumbing (All)

Plumbing, Fresh Water Plumbing System

Portable Fuel Tanks & Cans

Portable Fuel Tanks & Cans

Power Outlet Socket

Primers Bulbs

Pump, Bailers

Pumps, Hand Air Pumps


Quay Fenders

Quick Link, Shackles

Quick Release, Shackles

Quick Release, Skiing Snap Hook


R Clips

Radar Reflectors

Radio Aerial Cable & Connectors

Radio Aerial Mounts

Railings, Guard Rails

Rapid Link, Shackle

Ratchet Straps

Regatta Markers

Remote Control Cables

Repair kit for inflatables

Replacement Bow Rollers.

Rescue Lines

Rigging Screws

Rings Stainless Steel 

Rope End Stops

Rope Splicing Clamp

Rope Thimbles, Nylon

Rope Thimbles, Stainless Steel 

Rope, Mooring Chafing Guards

Rope, Mooring Rope

Round Rings Stainless Steel 

Rowlocks & Oar Collars

Rub Rail

Rubbing Strake


Safety Equipment

Safety Harnesses & Harness Lines 

Sail Repair Tape

Sail Slides

Sailguard Wheels

Sailing Harnesses

Sailing Marker Buoys

Sailing Regatta Markers

Sailing Safety Line

Screw Eyes

Screw Hooks

Sea Anchors


Seat Chest

Seat Pedestals


Security Equipment


Sewage Tanks

Shackle, Galvanised

Shackles, Delta Link

Shackles, Rapid Link

Shackles Bow

Shackles Twisted

Shackles, Bow Shackles

Shackles, Dee Shackle

Shackles, Halyard Shackles

Shackles, Quick Release

Shackles, Snap Shackles

Shackles, Swivel 

Shackles, Twisted Shackle

Sheets Hooks

Shelf Brackets, Folding 

Ship's Bells

Shock Cord

Shock Cord

Shock Cord Hooks

Shoot Bolt, Ironmongery

Short Link Chain

Shower Taps

Shroud Fittings

Shroud Stay

Shroud Stay

Shut-Off Valves, Fuel

Ski Poles

Ski Poles & Tow Hooks

Ski Tow Hooks

Snap Fasteners, Canvas  Fasteners

Snap Hook, Skiing Snap Hook

Snap Shackles

Speakers  & Loud Hailers

Splicing Clamp

Splicing Fid

Split Pins

Split Rings

Spots Lights

Spreader Boots

Spring Lines, Mooring Rope 

Stanchion Base, Toe Rail

Stanchion Gates

Stanchion Sockets and Bases


Stanless SteeI Ironmongery

Staples, Stainless Steel 


Steering Cables

Steering Equipment - Cable

Steering Shift Cable Bellows

Steering Wheels

Stemhead Rollers

Step Pads/Treads

Stepped Hinges

Steps, Boarding 

Steps, Mast Steps

Storage with Seating

Strainer, Bilge 

Strainers & Filters Plumbing 

Strap, Chainplate Stainless Steel

Strap. Tie Down

Straps, Ratchet

Strip Hinges

Strip Stainless Steel

Struts, Gas Struts

Studs & Nuts Sets

Sure Power Cables

Sure Power Plugs

Sure Power Sockets

Surface Mounted Hinges

Surface Hinges, Hidden Fixing

Switch Panels Switches

Switches, Bilge

Switches, Windlass Foot Switches


Swivel Shackle


Table Hinges

Table Pedestals

Table Tops

Tank Breather Hoses 

Tank Breather Vents

Tank Chocking Kit

Tank Covers

Tank Senders

Tanks, Black Water Tanks

Tanks, Eltex Fuel 

Tanks, Grey Water Collecting Wells

Tanks, Portable

Tanks, Portable

Tape, Sail Repair

Taps, Amalgamating

Taps, Plumbing

Tarpaulin Supports

Teak Plugs

Tenders, Dinghies & Inflatables

Terminal Strip, Electrical 

Terminal Strip, Electrical 

Terminals Clamps, Battery 

Thimbles, Galvanised Steel

Thimbles, Nylon

Thimbles, Stainless Steel 

Tie Down Strap

Toe Rails & Fittings

Toilet conversion kits

Toilet Equipment

TOMAX, Canvas  Fasteners

Tools, Rigging

Tow Hooks, Water Sport

Treed Plate

Triangular Ring Stainless Steel 

Tube Fittings, Handrails

Tubes, Handrail Tubes

Turn Button, Canvas  Fasteners

Turnbuckle Rigging Screws

Twine, Whipping 

Twisted Shackles


USB Power Outlet


Vented Loop Anti-siphon 

Ventilation, Boat Ventilation

Ventilation, Engine Bay Vents

Ventilation, Roof and Deck Vents

Vents & Grilles Plastic

Vents & Grilles Stainless

Vents, Fuel 

Vents, Roof and Deck, Ventilation

VHF Cable & Connectors


Warning Sirens

Wash Basins

Waste Control

Waste Hose Connectors

Waste Outlets

Waste Tanks

Water Fillers

Water Filters & Strainers

Water Heaters (Calorifiers)

Water Pumps, Fresh Water

Water Ski Poles & Tow Hooks

Water Tanks, Fresh Water

Water, Fresh Water Plumbing

WC Equipment


Webbing & Webbing Accessories

Wells, Grey Water Collection

Whipping Twine

Wide Dee Shackles

Winch Handle Holders

Winch Handle Pocket

Winch Handles

Wind Indicator

Wind Indicators

Wind Vane

Windlass - Controls

Windlass Foot Switch

Windscreen Wipers

Wiper Blade, Arms & Motors

Wire Guardrail & Fittings

Wire Rope Grips Duplex Type

Wire Rope Grips U-Bolt Type

Wire Rope Stops

Wire Rope, Ferrules 

Wire Terminals, Electric 

Wire, Electric 

Wooden Plugs



Yacht Stanchion Gates

Yacht Stanchion Sockets and Bases

Yacht Stanchions

Yachts Spreader Bar Boots