About Us

A Brief History

Beachy Head Marine, is owned and managed by Sea Screw Limited.

This website has been designed for the marketing and selling off Sea Screw's ever increasing range of Marine Hardware.

Sea Screw was established in 1997 as a Stainless Fastening & Fixing Supplier. Boat owners from Sovereign Harbour then our new local marina, requested that we also stocked a range of Marine Hardware. 

We advertised in the possibly the best marine magazine for us the PBO (Practical Boat Owner) Around 1999 we launched our first website. Looking back now, it was a bit basic using a fax order form system. (Sorry! not offered now)

In 2002 we launched a new add to cart website that improved sales and productivity by producing packing labels for every product and reducing the paper work.

In 2003 with our new premises we decided to invest in stocking a full range of marine hardware. We now hold over 7,500 types & sizes of Stainless Fixing and over 4,000 marine hardware items, IT has come a long way and is all ways moving on, we are at present making investment in improvements to the web sites.

For Stainless Fastening & Fixings please go to seascrew.com

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank all our customers for their support past and present.