Once the order is placed you will shortly receive an automatic order conformation by E-mail / Text. 

This is only to notify you that we have received you order.

Soon as we are able, your order will be Acknowledged via E-mail / Text. Acknowledgments are processed by our staff inside our working hours as a priority. (See Working Hours below)

Please check your Acknowledgment, being that at this point you will be notified of any shortfalls with your order, we may also try to contact you by phone.

Finally, you will receive an E-mail / Text stating that your goods have been despatched for delivery.

The E-mail / Text will include a tracking number if despatched by carrier.

Orders are usually despatched within the same day but may take up to 2 working days depending on demand. (Priority & a.m. deliveries not included)

Cut-off time for FedEx Despatch: 1:00pm every working day.

Cut-off time for Royal Mail Post:   2:00pm every working day.

Please Note:
Please be aware of quantity’s in stock when ordering. Being our web site will allow back orders, and it will not alert you that you have exceeded the stock quantity.

If you didn’t note the stock level when add to your cart, Simple click the item’s image or text within the Shopping Cart this will take you back to the items/product page where the in-stock quantity is just below the price.

To return to the Cart click the Shopping Cart Button.

Back Orders 
Unlike most online companies, we allow back orders. This means instead of reducing your order quantity to match stock levels, our web site will allow you to order quantity’s that are greater than the quantity that’s in stock.

In the eventuality you have order greater than the quantity in stock, the balance items we be despatched as a Back Order. 

Back Orders will be despatch to you as soon as we receive the goods, at no extra delivery cost to you the customer.

If the Back Order items, are closely associated with the items in stock. We may contact you regarding, if to despatch all items when in stock as one consignment.

Back Orders Exclusions

Their some items which are excluded from the back orders, they are the Non-Stock Item/Special Order items. 
These items are clearly denoted Non-Stock Item / Special Order in red on the item/product page. 

Ordering a Non-Stock Item / Special Order items is just like a standard stock item but with the following conditions.


Non-Stock Item/Special Order Items need to be order separately or with other Non-Stock Item/Special Order Item/s (So as not to delay the delivery of the Standard Stock Items)

Standard Stock Item/s ordered with Non-Stock Item/Special Order Item/s, will result in the Standard Stock Item/s being delayed and despatched with Non-Stock Item/Special Order Item/s

Non-Stock Item/Special Items are specially ordered, and are Non-Returnable.

Working Hours

Monday 8:30am – 16:50pm

Tuesday 8:30am – 16:50pm

Wednesday 8:30am – 16:50pm

Thursday 8:30am – 16:50pm

Friday 8:30am – 15:50pm