22mm Stainless Bimini Fittings

BOAT - 22mm Stainless Bimini Fittings

Bimini Fittings - 22mm Stainless. 


22mm Stainless Steel Bimini Parts & Replacement Parts.
In 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. 
If the fitting you are look for is not listed in this category. 
It may be with the 22mm Tube Fittings. Click Link to view > 22mm Tube Fittings   

Boat Handrail 22mm Sliding Clamp Over with Fork
£ 17.47 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4697800)
Boat Tube, Base Fork Mount 90 Deg Stainless Steel
£ 10.14 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4686104)
Boat Handrail Wall Mount Fitting. Stainless Steel
£ 5.65 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4640300)
Wall Mount Fitting. Base 48 x 73. Stainless Steel
£ 10.30 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4640401_STD)
Boat Handrail 22mm Hinged Joint Stainless Steel
£ 14.98 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4633022)
22mm Tube Connector 150mm Stainless Steel
£ 12.71 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4842036)
Bimini Base with Removable Swivelling
£ 22.03 Inc. VAT
(-13.71%) £ 19.01 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4665322)
Boat Bimini Pivot Fork Base Polished Stainless Steel
£ 10.15 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4666500A)
Tetherable Drop Nose Pin 6.2mm Dia
£ 5.95 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4611629)
Tetherable Ball Pin 6.2mm x 23mm
£ 4.80 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4611630)
Drop Nose Pin with Spring 6.2mm Dia
£ 3.16 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM4611631)
Removable Stainless Ring Tie, Turn to unlock (Straight)
£ 17.72 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM814117444)
Removable Stainless Ring Tie, Turn to unlock (Cranked)
£ 18.68 Inc. VAT
(Code: SM814118444)